Staying with, working through and performing obsolescence

New article out in the latest issue of the Acoustic Space journal on Techno-Ecologies (2). Titled “Staying with, working through and performing obsolescence,” the article was co-written with colleagues Åsa Ståhl and Kristina Lindström. The piece began as a joint presentation given at the 2013 Media Art Histories conference and covers Ståhl and Lindström’s ongoing Repa Upp / Upprepa (Unravel […]

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Very, very late to the afterparty here, but coming into contact with some of the (“post-post-“) vaporwave scene now. SLOWGLOW VIRTUAL CASINO EULOGYJAM LANGUOR. Aesthetic is reminiscent of a lot of net art work that has been around for ages, but takes on quality of its own in this contextual sonic moment. Clear that it […]

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