…If I hear the name “Napoleon” and decide it would be a nice name for my pet aardvark, I do not satisfy this condition…
– Saul Kripke, “Naming and Necessity”

What’s in a poet’s name? The lines of text below have been generated by the Sywpe text input system for mobile phones. Regardless of whether one has precisely typed the desired word in question, Swype always generates a string of words which it suggests may have been intended. In the examples below, the initial name of a poet given in parentheses is that which was typed out on the phone, and the strings that follow each are the suggested alternatives proffered by Swype, in the same order that they appeared on screen. Small, aptronymical odes.


(akhmatova) schematics scenarios acoustics significant signorina

(baudelaire) bandleader neutralise nauseated neutrality vandalised

(bishop) bishops bishopric boohoo budgie

(donne) done dinner some fine donned donner dine donnell some sonnet sine dinned find dinners finney sinned sinner dime donna

(eliot) elliot elliott elite root scoot

(emerson) emersion emerging immersing emotion

(ferlinghetti) delinquencies photosynthetic circumventing circumvention

(ginsberg) ginsburg goldberg humanity himself

(hill) jill hull gill hills hulk gull hilly holly bill

(longfellow) controlled controller controls kimberlite

(melville) neville knoxville merciless cupcake

(poe) pie pow poem poet port porn open poor pier pork poems low pies pore piece poets power pied pod

(pound) pounds pounded pounder pins opens loins plums opine plume

(queneau) witness whenever airway workday airhead whereas queerly quondam quandary airboat airbrush austria quebecer wirehair whereby whimsey wisbech aurorae wideness

(rimbaud) tomboys romanus ringside rhomboid

(rossetti) rosette rosetta rosettes eidetic

(sappho) sapphic sapphire sapphira sapphires delphi

(shakespeare) shakespearean shakespearian wheresoever enamelware

(snodgrass) sniffed widgets instead shoeless


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