Nō Code

//Course proposal for UnderAcademy College

Nō Code (Deprogramming 101)

Week 1: View page source. Stare at page source. Line after line. Your eyes, the code. Paper cranes, undulating glass.
Week 2: “A code will be shown without the picture.” Load code, turn off screen. Rediscover uncodifiable mystery of the black box, its illuminations.
Week 3: Travel path of the nō coder, blind monk of a digital age, deprogrammer of restless interactivity. Record results. Codify. Compile.
Week 4: GOTO Week 1
Preliminary course compendium (draft):

(Ian Bogost, A Slow Year)

(Neil Hennessy, Basho’s Frogger)

(Reiner Strasser & Alan Sondheim, Tao)


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