This withdrawal, which is due in the first instance to a begging of the question in his internal behavior mechanisms and his own character, brings out, above all, a reflex and contradiction which is muscular. (Frantz Fanon, ‘On National Culture’)

The tense musculature of bodies caught in an enveloping, hyperreflexive gaze. Taut statues doused in the hot glare of projections, glistening like wild beasts’ fur. Framing rectangles triangulating a target – past, present, still to come. Silent protests shot through with a chorus of camera shutters. Crickets buzzing in the brush, the sinuous chords of their flexing accord.

(CAVI, ‘The Journey of Holger the Dane’)

(Arnold Schönberg, Fünf Orchesterstücke op.16, III. “Farben”, Mäßige Viertel.)

(Michael Haneke, Caché)

(lhfang86, ‘UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car’)


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