Blauen Blume

Did Kool Keith read Benjamin?

Walter Benjamin in ‘Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit’ (‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproducibility’):

Der apparatfreie Aspekt der Realität ist hier zu ihrem künstlichsten geworden und der Anblick der unmittelbaren Wirklichkeit zur blauen Blume im Land der Technik.
(“The equipment-free aspect of reality here has become the height of artifice; the sight of immediate reality has become a blue flower in the land of technology.”)

Kool Keith in Dr Octagon’s ‘Blue Flowers’:

Holding bags on down right from the hospital
It’s a patient that’s worth to keep the germs off the turf
Cybernetic microscopes and metal antidote
Two telescopes that magnify the size of a roach
Three computers to cup of coffee planted with my hand and
Astroplanets detached turn on rear foggers
Cut the light on the kid, and turn the bright on
Supersonic waves combine and burn as brainwaves
I see the mascot of evil he’s not kneivel
Shakespeare’s gone don’t even think about it

Yes, as I’m going to the park, I see
Blue flowers
It’s raining green, by the pond
Blue flowers
It’s totally raining green, pouring
Blue flowers
I smell the bees and the birds
Blue flowers
Different aspects of life
Blue flowers

(Dr.Octagon – Blue Flowers)


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