A kind of pixelated philosophical mnemonics

“Then it struck me: what if I paired condensed form of a philosopher with a very condensed take on their thinking? I decided to match the 7×7 pixel constraint with its written equivalent: a 7×7 letter slab poem (that is, seven lines of seven letters each). Furthermore, and keeping with the theme of sevens, the poems would be composed in iambic heptameter (that is, each would be seven feet long).” – Ian Bogost

Nice. Haven’t managed the iambic heptameter bit but here’s a pixel portrait and slab poem.


If you haven’t already guessed the philosopher, hover over the portrait to see its named tag. I’ll be honest, I’ve only a passing acquaintance with his particular work and I won’t even pretend to be able to make sense of my little slab poem for him (“being as a lodger of sense” or “sense as a lodger of being”?…). If nothing else, I’ve hopefully at least captured something of his incorrigible and utterly perplexing writing style (my favourite thing about him). But writing it wasn’t nearly as difficult as picking out the most suitable shade of red for his eyes. Agonized a good few minutes over that.


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